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Water-Air-Concrete Thermometers


Water-air-concrete thermometers are specialized instruments used for monitoring temperature gradients during the construction of concrete structures like dams, bridge pillars and decks, retaining walls, etc. They are also used for measuring water reservoir temperatures, ambient air temperatures, and temperature variations in different applications. Here are the typical specifications and features for the BRMS-WCAT model:

  • Monitoring Cooling Temperature Gradient: Used to monitor the cooling temperature gradient of concrete blocks during the construction period of various structures.
  • Dam Water Reservoir Temperature: Measures the temperature of water reservoirs in dams.
  • Ambient Air Temperature: Measures the temperature of the surrounding air.
  • Minimum, Maximum, and Mean Temperature: Provides measurements of minimum, maximum, and mean temperatures for various applications.
BRMS Water-Air-Concrete Thermometers
BRMS Precision Convergence Meter
Typical Specifications for BRMS-WCAT Model:
  • Measurement Range: Typically covers -30 to +80 degrees Celsius or even higher (can be customized as per client requirements).
  • Measurement Accuracy: Typically ±0.1 degrees Celsius.
  • Temperature Sensor Dimensions: Typically 50 mm long and 12 mm in diameter.
  • Water Detection Probe (Dipmeter) Features:
    • Negligible Environmental Effect: Minimal impact of the environment on measurement accuracy.
    • Quick Response: Rapid response to temperature changes.
Available Models:
  • Water Thermometers: Specifically designed for measuring water temperatures.
  • Air Thermometers: Designed for measuring ambient air temperatures.
  • Combined Water/Air Thermometers: Can measure both water and air temperatures.
  • Concrete Thermometers: Specially designed for monitoring temperature gradients in concrete structures.
Minimum Information for Accepting Purchase Order:
  • Measuring Accuracy: Specify the desired level of measurement accuracy, with a maximum tolerance of ±0.1 degrees Celsius.
  • Probe Type and Readout System: Specify whether a water thermometer, air thermometer, combined thermometer, or concrete thermometer is required, along with the preferred readout system.
  • Probe Details: Provide information about the material, length, and diameter of the probe required.
  • Installation Location: Specify the intended place of installation for accurate temperature monitoring.
  • Temperature and Humidity Variation Range: Provide the range of temperature and humidity variations in the measurement environment.

By providing the necessary information, clients can ensure that the water-air-concrete thermometers meet their specific requirements for accurate and reliable temperature monitoring. These instruments are essential for construction quality control, monitoring thermal gradients, and obtaining temperature data for analysis and assessment purposes.


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