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Bistun Rock Mechanics Services Co. (BRMS) was found in 1996. It is the first company of its kind in Iran and also in Middle East, to design and manufacture monitoring instruments for Geomechanical projects (dams, tunnels, caverns, rock slopes, etc.). BRMS was established with the principal objective of proving expertise and equipment potentials within Iran to Design and manufacture of monitoring instruments and also back analysis of monitoring data, and stability analysis of Geomechanical projects.

In view of considerable number of Geomechanical projects (dams and underground power house, road, railway, subway and water transmission tunnels, underground and opencast mines, undersea tunnels, civil and military underground spaces, underground caverns for gas, petroleum and nuclear waste storage, underground entertainment and sport facilities, high buildings, bridges, ……….) under study, design and construction in Iran, the establishment of such competent company was inevitable. It was necessary to guarantee the success of method of excavation and also the implemented support system, through in-situ monitoring. To do so, it was further required to be able to rely on a dependable and quick supply of up-to-date and standard monitoring instruments, within the country.
All BRMS product has 24 months of quality and performance guarantee and after-sale services and back-ups.

Our expertise and services include:

– Study and design of monitoring scheme for Geomechanical projects;
– Design, manufacture and distribution of monitoring instruments for Geomechanical projects;
– Installing monitoring instruments in Geomechanical projects;
– Reading and data processing of monitoring instruments in Geomechanical projects;
– Analysis and interpretation of monitoring data in Geomechanical projects;
– Fore and Back stability analysis in Geomechanical projects;
– Optimizing method of statement and/or support system in Geomechanical projects; and
– Offering consultancy in all above cases.

Management and experts in BRMS are, predominantly, university professors with qualified field experience in international level. To assure the quality of work, BRMS have access to consultancy services from qualified field engineers, as well.

Consultancy services available to BRMS varies widely, such as:

– Monitoring in Geomechanical projects;
– Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering;
– Geotechnics;
– Mining Engineering;
– Site exploration;
– Tunnel excavation;
– Excavation of large underground caverns;
– Excavation of rock and soil slopes;
– Drilling and blasting;
– Engineering geology;
– Civil Engineering;
– Electronics Engineering;
– Polymer Engineering;
– Metallurgical Engineering; and
– Computer software and hardware engineering.

As we have experienced so far, we always would like to enjoy the great pleasure of bringing high quality and confidence to all Geomechanical projects both in Iran and overseas. It would surely be more profound, when we have the support of clients, consultants and constructors.


Dr Kazem Najm

Dr.Kazem Najm

PhD Rock Mechanic

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