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  • Power House Caverns
  • Mine Stopes
  • U/G Oil & Gas Reservoirs
  • Radioactive Waste Disposal Caverns
  • U/G Car Perking
  • U/G Subway Stations
  • U/G Sports & Recreation Spaces
  • U/G Shelters
  • U/G Military Sites


  • Road Tunnels
  • Railway Tunnels
  • Subway Tunnels
  • Sewage Tunnels
  • Mine Tunnels
  • Water Transmission Tunnels
  • Pressure Tunnels
  • Access Shafts
  • Access Tunnels


  • Arch Dams
  • Buttress Dams
  • Embankments Dams


  • Rock Slopes
  • Soil Slopes
  • Dam Lake Slopes


  • Bridges
  • Bridge Foundation
  • Dam Foundation
  • High Buildings & Their Foundation

At BRMS, we specialize in providing comprehensive services for geomechanical projects. Our team of experts, including university professors with qualified field experience at an international level, ensures that we deliver exceptional quality and expertise in every project. Additionally, we have access to consultancy services from qualified field engineers, further enhancing the quality of our work.

Our Range of Services Includes:

  • Study and Design of Monitoring Schemes: We conduct thorough assessments and design effective monitoring schemes tailored to the specific needs of your geomechanical projects. Our expertise ensures accurate and reliable monitoring of critical parameters.

  • Design, Manufacture, and Distribution of Monitoring Instruments: We offer a wide range of high-quality monitoring instruments specifically designed for geomechanical applications. Our instruments adhere to the highest standards, ensuring precise and consistent data collection.

  • Installation of Monitoring Instruments: Our experienced team handles the installation of monitoring instruments with precision and efficiency. We ensure proper placement and calibration, setting the stage for accurate data acquisition.

  • Reading and Data Processing of Monitoring Instruments: We possess the technical capabilities to read and process data from monitoring instruments effectively. Our experts employ advanced techniques to extract valuable insights from the collected data, enabling informed decision-making.

  • Analysis and Interpretation of Monitoring Data: Our team excels in analyzing and interpreting monitoring data to assess project performance and identify potential risks. We provide comprehensive reports and recommendations to support timely and effective decision-making.

  • Fore and Back Stability Analysis: We conduct meticulous fore and back stability analyses in geomechanical projects, assessing the structural integrity of rock formations. Our goal is to provide mitigation strategies that ensure project safety and success.

  • Optimization of Method of Statement and Support Systems: Our experts optimize the method of statement and support systems in geomechanical projects, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving overall project outcomes.

  • Consultancy Services: We offer consultancy services in various areas related to geomechanical projects. Whether you require guidance on monitoring, rock mechanics, geotechnics, mining engineering, site exploration, or tunnel excavation, our team is here to provide expert advice and solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how Bistun Rock Mechanics Services Co. (BRMS) can contribute to your success.

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