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The Settlement Measurement System is designed for monitoring and quality control in construction projects such as embankments, dams, retaining walls, and more. It enables the measurement of vertical displacement (settlement) in various applications, including earth dam bodies, unstable rock and soil slopes, surface structures over subway tunnels, foundations under buildings, and storage tanks, among others. Here are the typical specifications and information required for accepting a purchase order:

  • Monitoring and Quality Control: Ensuring stability and quality in construction projects.
  • Earth Dam Body: Measuring vertical displacement (settlement) in the dam body.
  • Unstable Rock and Soil Slopes: Evaluating failure surfaces and displacement directions.
  • Surface Structures over Subway Tunnels: Monitoring stability and evaluating potential displacement.
  • Foundations under Buildings, Towers, and Storage Tanks: Measuring vertical displacement for structural stability.
BRMS Settlement Measurement System
BRMS Settlement Measurement System
Typical Specifications for BRMS-MSPR-… Model:
  • Measuring Range: Customizable based on client requirements.
  • Sensor: Magnetic or Frequency Type Probe.
  • Measuring Accuracy: Typically ±1 mm.
  • Body Material: Steel or Polyethylene, based on client preferences.
  • Probe Length: Typically 200 cm, adjustable to client specifications.
  • Probe Diameter: Typically 20-25 mm, adjustable to client specifications.
  • Probe Signals: Acoustic sound and glowing light indicators.
Main Distinguished Features:
  • Negligible Temperature Effect: Minimal impact of temperature on measurement accuracy.
  • Quick Response: Rapid detection and response to settlement plate movement.
  • Headphone Compatibility: Can be equipped with headphones for noisy environments.
Available Models:
  • Magnetic Probe: Utilizes a magnetic sensing mechanism for settlement measurement.
  • Frequency Type Probe: Utilizes frequency-based sensing for settlement detection.
Minimum Information Required for Accepting a Purchase Order:

To process a purchase order for the Settlement Measurement System, please provide the following information:

  • Application: Specify the intended application and the project requirements.
  • Measuring Range: Indicate the desired measuring range for settlement measurement.
  • Probe Type, Resolution, and Accuracy: Select the probe type (magnetic or frequency) and specify the desired resolution and accuracy.
  • Material and Diameters: Provide details about the settlement pipe’s material, inner diameter, and outer diameter.
  • Depth of Inclinometer Borehole: Specify the depth of the inclinometer borehole for installation.
  • Temperature and Humidity Variation Range: Provide information about the expected temperature and humidity variations in the measurement environment.

By providing this information, our team can assist you in selecting the appropriate Settlement Measurement System tailored to your specific needs. The system offers precise and reliable settlement monitoring capabilities, ensuring the stability and integrity of your construction projects.


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Instruments specifications may be modified and updated, with new technology developments.

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