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Observation Well Piezometers


Observation Well Piezometers are essential tools for monitoring water seepage pressure and rate in various geomechanical projects. They are particularly useful in the following applications:

  • Monitoring Water Seepage Pressure in Dam Foundations, providing valuable insights into the foundation’s stability.
  • Monitoring Water Seepage Rate in Dam Foundations, enabling effective management of water flow.
  • Monitoring Water Seepage Pressure from the Rock Mass Surrounding Tunnels, ensuring the integrity of tunnel structures.
  • Monitoring Water Seepage Rate from the Rock Mass Surrounding Tunnels, assessing the level of water infiltration.
BRMS Observation Well Piezometers
Typical Specifications for Model BRMS-PZOW:
  • Measuring Range: Customizable based on client’s requirements.
  • Measuring Gauge: Burdon pressure gauge, equipped with tap and connections.
  • Measuring Accuracy: Customizable based on client’s specifications.
  • Slotted Piezometric Pipe: Constructed with durable PVC material.
  • Piezometric Pipe and Connections: Utilizes PVC components for reliable performance.
Main Distinguished Features:
  • Customizable Slot Design: Slots in the piezometric pipe are tailored to suit environmental conditions, ensuring durability and optimal performance.
  • Easy Cleaning: Slotted pipes are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, facilitating accurate and efficient measurements.
  • Chronometer: Used to measure time accurately during water seepage observations.
  • Graded Water Container: Features an appropriate capacity to accommodate the water drain quantity.
BRMS Observation Well Piezometers
Minimum Information Required for Purchase Order Acceptance: To process your purchase order efficiently, we require the following minimum information:
  1. Application: Detailed description of the intended use or project context.
  2. Measuring Range and Accuracy: Desired range and required accuracy for water seepage measurements.
  3. Pipe Material: Specification of the preferred material for the main piezometric and protection pipes.
  4. Orientation and Size of Slots: Information regarding the orientation and dimensions of slots in the slotted pipe.
  5. Material, Length, and Diameter of Pipes: Specifications for the main piezometric and protection pipes, including material, length, and diameter.
  6. Water Quality and Ingredients: Details regarding water quality and any relevant ingredients.


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