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MultiPoint Borehole eXtensometers (MPBX)

Electrical and Mechanical Readout

Specifications for MPBX Model BRMS-MPBX-M:
  • Number of Anchors: The system can accommodate the number of anchors as ordered by the client, with a maximum of 8 anchors in a 76 mm borehole.
  • Length of Rods and Protective Tubes: The length of the rods and protective tubes can be customized according to client requirements, with options for a single piece without connection up to 200 meters.
Specifications for MPBX Fiber Glass Rods:
  • Rod Material: The rods are made of either fiber glass or carbon fiber, depending on the client’s preference.
  • Temperature Coefficient of Elongation: The rods have a maximum temperature coefficient of elongation of 2 x 10^(-6) per degree Celsius.
  • Inner/Outer Diameters: The typical inner and outer diameters of the rods are 6.0 mm and 11.0 mm, respectively.
  • Young’s Modulus: The minimum Young’s modulus of the rods is 16 GPa.
  • Creep: The rods exhibit no creep up to their own weight of a 100-meter rod.
  • Diameter: The typical diameter of the rods is 5 mm.
  • Length: The rods can be manufactured in lengths up to 200 meters in a single piece, without any connections.
BRMS MultiPoint Borehole eXtensometers (MPBX)
Specifications for MPBX Mechanical Readout System:
  • Gauge Type: The readout system utilizes Mitutoyo gauges from Japan.
  • Measuring Range: The system has a measuring range of 50 mm (an option for 100 mm is also available).
  • Accuracy: The accuracy of the mechanical readout system is 0.01 mm (an option for 0.001 mm is also available).
Information Required for Accepting an Order:

To process an order for the MPBX system, the following information is required:

  1. Number of Rods (Anchors) and Length of Each Rod: Specify the desired number of rods (anchors) and the length of each rod for your application.
  2. Readout System: Specify whether you require the electrical or mechanical readout system, along with the desired resolution and accuracy.
  3. Installation Environmental Information: Provide information about the installation environment, including any specific considerations or requirements.
Specifications for MPBX Head Assembly:
  • Material for Head Assembly: The head assembly is made of PVC.
  • Connections: The connections are made of corrosion-protected steel.
  • Protective Cap: The protective cap is made of aluminum.

By providing the necessary information, our team can assist you in selecting and delivering the appropriate MPBX system tailored to your specific needs. The MPBX offers reliable and accurate measurements of displacements and deformations, providing valuable data for monitoring and quality control in various applications.


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