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Local Readout System for Electrical Monitoring Instruments


The Local Readout System serves the following applications:

  • Reading the measured data from electrical instruments using local selectors.
  • Reading the measured data from all electrical instruments in the network using any local selector.
  • Automatic recording of measured data from instruments at predetermined time intervals.
  • Automatic recording of measured data from selected instruments at predetermined time intervals.
  • Automatic recording of measured data from selected types of instruments at predetermined time intervals.
  • Automatic recording of measured data from all instruments connected to a selected selector.
Varieties of Local Readout Systems:

There are two main varieties of Local Readout Systems available:

  1. Local Readout System through Hardware: This system utilizes hardware with limited memory and rechargeable batteries for reading and recording data.
  2. Local Readout System via MOTEBOOK: This system enables direct readout through MOTEBOOK with provided special software.
BRMS Local Readout System for Electrical Monitoring Instruments
Typical Specifications for Local Readout Systems:

The Local Readout Systems typically possess the following specifications:

  • Capacity: Capable of reading up to 100 instruments from any local selector.
  • Accuracy and Resolution: Data transfer accuracy and resolution are typically within %0.01 of the measuring range.
  • Automatic Recording: Capable of automatic recording of measured data at predetermined time intervals.
  • Memory: Equipped with memory for storing up to 1,000,000 data points (higher storage capacity can be considered).
  • Protection: Protected against induced voltages and thunderbolts.
  • Real Value Recording: Capable of reading and recording the real value for each monitoring parameter.
  • Semi-Dynamic Recording: Capable of semi-dynamic recording at up to 100 readings per second.
  • Graph Display: Capable of online drawing of selected graphs for any specific monitoring parameter.
  • Data Recapturing: Capable of retrieving daily, monthly, and yearly stored data.
  • Waterproof Connections: Designed with waterproof connections for reliable operation in challenging environments.
  • Cable Length Independence: Reading accuracy is unaffected by the length of the cable.
  • Flexible and High Strain Environment: Protected with flexible tubes for use in flexible and high-strain environments.
Minimum Information Required for Accepting a Purchase Order:

To process an order for the Local Readout System for Electrical Monitoring Instruments, the following information is typically required:

  1. Application Requirements: Specify the requirements and purpose of the local readout system in your specific application.
  2. Recording Environment: Provide details about the environment in which the system will be used for data recording.
  3. Automatic Readout System: Indicate whether there is a need for an automatic readout system at predetermined time intervals.
  4. Semi-Dynamic Data Recording: Specify if there is a requirement for semi-dynamic recording of data.
  5. High Voltage Power Lines: Inform whether there are any existing high voltage power lines in the area.
  6. Data Acquisition and Recording System: Provide details if there are any specific requirements or preferences for the data acquisition and recording system.
  7. Working Temperature Range: Specify the temperature range within which the system should operate effectively.

By providing this necessary information, our team can assist you in selecting and delivering the appropriate Local Readout System for your electrical monitoring instruments. These systems offer accurate data reading, recording, and analysis capabilities, allowing for efficient monitoring and quality control in various applications.


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