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Liquid Level Indicator (Dipmeter)


The Liquid Level Indicator, or Dipmeter, is commonly used for the following applications:

  • Measurement of water levels in Cadagrande piezometric boreholes, water wells, dam reservoirs, water tanks, hydrocarbon liquid reservoirs, and more.
  • Measurement of water drain and uplift hydraulic pressure at dam body-foundation interfaces.
Typical Specifications for Model BRMS-WLME:
  • Cable Length: The cable length can vary from 15 to 300 meters or even more, based on client requirements.
  • Flat Cable Graduation: The flat cable is typically graduated with centimetric markings and accompanied by a millimetric scale for precise measurements.
  • Digital Readout System Accuracy: When using round cables, the digital readout systems typically provide an accuracy of ±1 mm.
  • Probe Material: The probe material can be customized based on client preferences and the measurement environment. Common materials include steel, polyethylene, PVC, etc.
  • Probe Dimensions: The probe dimensions are adjusted to suit the measurement environment and client’s specifications.
BRMS Liquid Level Indicator
BRMS Liquid Level Indicator
Main Distinguished Features for Water Detection Probe (Dipmeter):

The water detection probe, or dipmeter, offers several notable features for accurate and reliable liquid level measurement:

  • Negligible Temperature Effect: The measurement accuracy of the dipmeter is minimally affected by temperature variations, ensuring accurate readings in different environmental conditions.
  • Quick Response to Water Surface Detection: The dipmeter provides a rapid response when detecting the water surface, allowing for efficient and real-time measurements.
  • Unaffected by Water Showering: The dipmeter is designed to be unaffected by water showering from borehole walls, ensuring accurate readings even in challenging conditions.
  • Equipped with Headphone: In noisy environments, the dipmeter can be equipped with a headphone for improved monitoring and ease of use.
  • Depth Indicator with Mechanical Signs: The depth indicator on the flat cable may include mechanical signs for enhanced visibility and ease of measurement.
  • Digital Indicator: The dipmeter can be equipped with a digital indicator that offers unique specifications, measurement accuracy, and additional options for customized functionality.
Available Models:

The Liquid Level Indicator, or Dipmeter, is available in the following models:

  • Mechanical Centimetric Graded Flat Cables: These cables feature mechanical centimetric graduation for accurate measurement.
  • Digital Counter Probe and Cable Assembly: This model includes a digital counter probe and cable assembly for precise and convenient liquid level monitoring.
Minimum Information Required for Accepting a Purchase Order:

To process an order for the Liquid Level Indicator or Dipmeter, the following information is typically required:

  1. Application: Specify the intended application of the dipmeter to ensure proper customization and compatibility.
  2. Measuring Mechanical or Digital Type: Choose between a mechanical type dipmeter (typically ±10 mm accuracy) or a digital type dipmeter (typically ±1 mm accuracy).
  3. Probe Type and Readout System: Select the appropriate probe type (material, length, diameter) and the preferred readout system (mechanical or digital).
  4. Depth of Piezometric Borehole (Water Well): Provide the depth of the piezometric borehole or water well for accurate measurement.
  5. Temperature and Humidity Variation Range in the Measurement Environment: Describe the temperature and humidity conditions in the measurement environment to ensure the dipmeter can operate within the specified range.

By providing this essential information, our team can assist you in customizing and delivering the appropriate Liquid Level Indicator or Dipmeter that meets your specific requirements. These instruments are designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of liquid levels, ensuring efficient monitoring and quality control in various applications.


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