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The Inverse Pendulum is designed for the following applications:

  • Monitoring and quality control during the operation of foundation structures, such as concrete dams, retaining walls, bridge pillars, and more.
  • Measurement of horizontal displacement in the foundation rock mass of concrete dams, retaining walls, bridge pillars, etc.
  • Evaluation of failure surfaces and the direction of displacement in unstable foundation structures.
BRMS Inverse Pendulum
Typical Specifications for Model BRMS-PNDL-I:
  • Measuring Range: The Inverse Pendulum can be customized to support measuring ranges up to ±30 degrees, based on client requirements.
  • Sensor: The pendulum is equipped with both contacting and contactless pendulum wire displacement transducers, which can be converted to measure angular deformation.
  • Measuring Accuracy: The typical measuring accuracy is 0.01 mm (or 0.1 degree), ensuring precise and reliable measurements.
  • Body Material: The pendulum is constructed with steel material and features anti-corrosion coatings for durability and longevity in various environments.
  • Readout Dimensions (Contacting): The contacting readout system typically measures 40 cm wide, 45 cm long, and 8 cm high, but can be adjusted to meet client specifications.
  • Readout Dimensions (Contactless): The contactless readout system typically measures 20 cm wide, 30 cm long, and 10 cm high, but can also be adjusted to meet client specifications.
Main Distinguished Features:

The Inverse Pendulum offers several notable features that enhance its performance:

  • Negligible temperature effect on measurement accuracy ensures reliable and accurate readings even in varying temperature conditions.
  • Quick response to angle variations allows for real-time monitoring and immediate detection of displacement changes.
  • Can be equipped with a central readout system for convenient data collection and analysis.
Available Models:

The Inverse Pendulum is available in the following models:

  • Contacting Biaxial Pendulum: Features a contacting pendulum for measuring displacement.
  • Contactless Biaxial Pendulum: Utilizes contactless pendulum wire displacement transducers for non-contact measurement.
  • Fully Automated Pendulum Readout System: Offers a comprehensive and automated readout system for enhanced convenience and efficiency.
Minimum Information Required for Accepting a Purchase Order:

To process an order for the Inverse Pendulum, the following information is typically required:

  1. Application: Specify the intended application of the pendulum to ensure proper customization and compatibility.
  2. Measuring Range and System: Provide the desired measuring range and specify the system requirements.
  3. Readout System: Choose between contacting or contactless, and mechanical or electrical readout system.
  4. Readout Type, Resolution, and Accuracy: Specify the desired readout type, resolution, and required accuracy for precise measurements.
  5. Length and Diameter of Inverse Pendulum Borehole: Provide the required length and diameter of the inverse pendulum borehole for proper installation.
  6. Temperature and Humidity Variation Range in the Measurement Environment: Describe the temperature and humidity conditions in the measurement environment to ensure the pendulum can operate within the specified range.

By providing this essential information, our team can assist you in customizing and delivering the appropriate Inverse Pendulum that meets your specific requirements. These pendulum systems are designed to accurately measure horizontal displacement, evaluate stability, and ensure optimal performance in a variety of foundation monitoring applications.


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