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Hydraulic Pressure/Stress Cell (Mechanical Readout)


The Hydraulic Pressure/Stress Cell with Mechanical Readout is suitable for the following applications:

  • Monitoring and quality control during the construction of embankments, dams, retaining walls, and other structures.
  • Measurement of total pressure and stress distribution in embankment dam bodies.
  • Measurement of radial stresses along the interface between rock mass and shotcrete/concrete lining.
  • Measurement of radial and tangential stresses within shotcrete and concrete linings.
  • Measurement of contact pressure in retaining walls, diaphragms, bridge pillars, and other structures.
  • Measurement of pressure and stress variations in rock masses.
BRMS Hydraulic Pressure/Stress Cell (Mechanical Readout)
BRMS Hydraulic Pressure/Stress Cell (Mechanical Readout)
Typical Specifications for Pressure Cells:
  • Measuring Range: The pressure/stress cell can be customized to support measuring ranges of up to 200 MPa, based on client requirements.
  • Gauge Type: The cell can be equipped with a mechanical or digital gauge, as per the client’s preference.
  • Measuring Accuracy: The pressure/stress cell provides a minimum accuracy of 1.0% of the measuring range, ensuring precise readings.
  • Body Material: The cell is constructed with steel material and features anti-corrosion coatings for durability and longevity in various environments.
  • Accompanying Parts: The cell includes a pressure compensation tube to maintain accurate pressure measurements.
Main Distinguished Features:

The Hydraulic Pressure/Stress Cell with Mechanical Readout offers several notable features that enhance its performance:

  • Negligible temperature effect on measurement accuracy ensures reliable and accurate readings even in varying temperature conditions.
  • Quick response to stress variations enables real-time monitoring and immediate detection of stress changes.
  • Elastic behavior of the loading diaphragm ensures accurate pressure and stress distribution.
Minimum Information Required for Accepting an Order:

To process an order for the Hydraulic Pressure/Stress Cell with Mechanical Readout, the following information is typically required:

  1. Application: Specify the intended application of the cell to ensure proper customization and compatibility.
  2. Measuring Range: Provide the required measuring range in megapascals (MPa) to meet the pressure and stress requirements of your specific application.
  3. Gauge Type, Resolution, and Accuracy: Specify the desired gauge type (mechanical), resolution, and required accuracy for precise measurements.
  4. Material, Inner and Outer Diameters of the Cell: Provide the material specifications and the inner and outer diameter requirements of the cell to ensure proper fit and compatibility.
  5. Temperature and Humidity Variation Range in the Measurement Environment: Describe the temperature and humidity conditions in the measurement environment to ensure the cell can operate within the specified range.
  • By providing this essential information, our team can assist you in customizing and delivering the appropriate Hydraulic Pressure/Stress Cell with Mechanical Readout that meets your specific requirements. These cells are designed to accurately measure and monitor pressure and stress in a wide range of applications, ensuring quality control, stability, and optimal performance.


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