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Electrical Jointmeters


Electrical Jointmeters are versatile instruments designed for measuring joint movements and deformations in different applications, including:

  • Measuring opening and closing of joints in rock mass, concrete, metal structure connections, etc.
  • Measuring expansion joints between adjacent concrete blocks in concrete dams, bridges, and large structures.
  • Measuring displacement along joints.
  • Measuring deformation of tension cracks on rock or soil slope tops in one to three dimensions.
  • Measuring deformation of expansion joints in metal and concrete structures.
  • Measuring convergence in mining and civil structures.
  • Measuring floor heave, especially in coal mines.
BRMS Electrical Jointmeters
Typical specifications for model BRMS-JM:
  • Measuring range: Customizable based on client requirements.
  • Measuring gauge: Electrical displacement gauge, such as LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer), vibrating wire, optical, etc.
  • Measuring accuracy: Typically 0.01 mm (can be increased to 0.001 mm or more).
  • Material: Steel with anti-corrosion protection.
  • Geometry and size: Designed according to the specific application and client’s specifications.
Main Distinguished Features:

Electrical Jointmeters are available in various configurations and types to suit different measurement needs:

  • Uniaxial electrical jointmeter: Measures movement in one direction.
  • Biaxial electrical jointmeter: Measures movement in two perpendicular directions.
  • Triaxial electrical jointmeter: Measures movement in three dimensions.
  • Combined electrical and mechanical jointmeters: Integrates electrical measurement with mechanical components.

To support the Electrical Jointmeters, the following accessories are available:

  • Electric cable and connections for data transmission.
  • Electric readout system for convenient and accurate measurements.
BRMS Electrical Jointmeters
Minimum Information required for accepting a purchase order:

To process a purchase order for Electrical Jointmeters, the following information is typically required:

  • Application details, specifying the intended use.
  • Measuring range and required accuracy.
  • Joint geometry specifications.
  • Expected deformation or movement of the joint.
  • Material of the joint host (e.g., concrete, rock, metal).

By providing the necessary information, our team can assist you in selecting and customizing the Electrical Jointmeters that meet your specific requirements. These instruments offer precise measurements of joint movements and deformations, enabling effective monitoring and evaluation of structural behavior in various applications.


BRMS instruments have 24 months guarantee and all after-sale services.

BRMS as designer and constructor of the instruments can accept feasible orders as specified by the clients.

Instruments specifications may be modified and updated, with new technology developments.

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