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Borehole Inclinometer


The Borehole Inclinometer is a versatile tool used for monitoring, quality control, and stability evaluation in various construction and geological projects. It offers the following applications:

  • Monitoring and ensuring the quality of construction projects such as embankments, dams, and retaining walls.
  • Measurement of horizontal displacement in earth dam bodies.
  • Evaluation of failure surfaces and direction of displacement in unstable rock and soil slopes.
  • Monitoring and stability evaluation of boreholes, tunnels, and large underground excavations.
  • Measurement of vertical displacement in earth dams and soil structures using hooked horizontal inclinometers.
BRMS Borehole Inclinometer
BRMS Borehole Inclinometer
Typical Specifications for Model BRMS-INCL-…:
  • Measuring range: Up to ±90º, as ordered by the client.
  • Sensor: Biaxial servo-accelerometer or bridged strain gauge.
  • Measuring accuracy: Typically, 0.1 degree.
  • Body material: Steel with anti-corrosion coatings.
  • Probe length: Typically, 60 cm (adjustable to client’s specifications).
  • Probe diameter: Typically, 25-32 mm (adjustable to client’s specifications).
Main Distinguished Features:
  • Negligible temperature effect on measurement accuracy, ensuring reliable results in varying environmental conditions.
  • Quick response to angle variations, providing real-time monitoring of displacements.
  • Can be equipped with a headphone for use in noisy environments, ensuring convenient data collection.
Available Models:
  • Uniaxial inclinometers.
  • Biaxial inclinometers.
  • Fixed and portable inclinometer systems.
  • Biaxial inclinometers with an azimuth measuring device.
  • Fully automated inclinometer measuring systems.
BRMS Borehole Inclinometer
BRMS Borehole Inclinometer
Minimum Information Required for Purchase Order Acceptance:

To ensure we provide you with the most suitable Borehole Inclinometer, please provide the following information with your order:

  • Application details specifying the intended use of the inclinometer.
  • Measuring range and system preference (manual or automatic).
  • Gauge type, resolution, and accuracy requirements.
  • Material, inner and outer diameters of the sleeved inclinometer pipe.
  • Depth of the inclinometer borehole.
  • Initial angle for fixed surface/borehole inclinometers.
  • Temperature and humidity variation range in the measurement environment.

The Borehole Inclinometer offers precise and reliable measurements, enabling you to monitor displacements and evaluate the stability of various structures and geological formations. With different models and customizable specifications available, you can select the ideal configuration to meet your specific monitoring needs. Our inclinometers are designed for durability and quick response to angle variations, ensuring accurate data collection even in challenging conditions.

Provide us with the necessary information, and we will deliver the Borehole Inclinometer that meets your requirements, enabling you to conduct comprehensive monitoring and stability evaluations in your projects.


BRMS instruments have 24 months guarantee and all after-sale services.

BRMS as designer and constructor of the instruments can accept feasible orders as specified by the clients.

Instruments specifications may be modified and updated, with new technology developments.

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